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Improve your health and relax with WMT Infrared Technology, e.g. with the WMT Infrared Cabrio.

The health aspect

The human body easily absorbs infrared radiation and transports the warmth to the inside of the body. This natural warm-up results in positive effects for our well being.


From the medical point of view, the beneficial health effect of long-wave “C-range” infrared radiant heat is undoubted and supports:

  • healthy perspiration from the inside out
  • the metabolism by supplying natural heat
  • increased excretion of toxins – “purification”
  • reduction of stress by relaxation
  • stimulation of the cardiovascular system
  • blood circulation of skin tissue
  • general condition through muscle relaxation
  • warm-up and recovery after sport
  • increase of subjective well-being

At full mode of operation WMT infrared panels reach temperatures of about 85°C, thus our dark radiators lie intentionally in the harmless infrared C-range.