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WMT products provide a wide range of benefits and ensure healthy and environmentally friendly heating.

Made in Austria

All WMT panels are produced in Austria. We use the highest quality materials and components to ensure we deliver best quality and regional added value.

Quality is our Trademark

Numerous quality and conformance certifications confirm that WMT’s high quality standards go consistently above and beyond legal requirements. Our engineers contribute to leading professional associations and networks to stay at the forefront of technological developments and environmental standards. As a consequence of our high quality standards, WMT provides a 5 Year Customer Guarantee* on their infrared heating products.

Modern Series Production

WMT is setting new benchmarks – cutting edge production facilities mean WMT is ideally equipped to meet future needs. Automated processes, innovative techniques and enthusiastic workers guarantee consistent quality standards and open up new possibilities in the field of safety techniques. Finally, 100% pre-delivery testing by specialist personnel guarantees the delivered panels are of the highest quality.

The specialist raw materials, which are foundational to the flat panel technology, are chosen for their robustness and durability as well as their optimal radiation qualities, to ensure long lifespan of the products.