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Room Heating Solutions

"We're absolutely thrilled with the lovely heat in our apartment. Many thanks to the great consultation!"
(Kerstin & Manuel H. - South Styria)

"The WMT Infrared Heating Panels create warmth quickly and flexibly just where I need it - and they dealt with the mould problem."
(Rudolf H. - Karlsruhe/Germany)

"With infrared heating in our business premises, we don't just safe on operational costs, but also enjoy a fantastic room environment."
(Martina H. - Business woman - Vienna)

"Many thanks for providing a great heating solution for this year's Christmas market - even at - 15°C it was comfortably warm!"
(Michael & Claudia F. - Nürnberg/Germany)

"It's unbelievable how quickly the cosy warmth spreads through the whole room. For me and my little boy, the heating panel is a true blessing, especially during transitional period. I can't imagine being without it."
(Viktoria B. - Upper Austria)

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