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Floor heating panel

WMT Floor Heating Panels are sophisticated heating elements. The panel targets the energy it disperses into the room using its entire surface area to radiate heat, combined with reflector technology, The extremely flat yet robust design facilitates installation – perfect to upgrade existing products.
Our unique flatpanel technology meets your demands and requirements with precision.


    • economic based on optimal heat radiation
    • minimal loss of warmth – laid directly below floor covering
    • short warm-up period due to flat design
    • optimal complement for modification or upgrade


    Item Size [cm[ Capacity
    FBH 100 100 x 62 ~ 150 W
    FBH 150 150 x 62 ~ 225 W
    FBH 200 200 x 62
    ~ 300 W
    FBH 250

    250 x 62

    ~ 375 W

    Prices on request

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