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Classic Panel

Energy efficient heating solutions and timeless design: Due to the unique flatpanel technology our beautifully designed panels integrate harmoniously into every living space and provide soothing temperatures to suit you – particularly during transitional periods. Radiant heating avoids dust and dry air – in particular, children and people suffering from allergies benefit from the healthy room climate.


  • economical – low operational costs
  • effective – up to 97% of energy supplied is converted to radiated heat, ensuring a low mains rating
  • simple – easy mounting in portrait or landscape format


Item                       Size [cm]        Capacity
WDP 65 eco+          63 x 63           ~ 300 W
WDP 130S eco+     132 x 38          ~ 400 W
WDP 113 eco+       113 x 55           ~ 500 W
WDP 115 eco+       113 x 63           ~ 600 W
WDP 150 eco+       151 x 63          ~ 800 W

Light ivory
Pure white
Carmine red
Anthracite grey

Prices and individual colours/ motifs on request.

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